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Welcome to the Glasgow City-County Library!   Established in 1904, our library has seen many changes -- from a beginning supported by the railroad, to a city library and now as a city-county library.  We encourage you to use your library to become informed, engaged, enlightened and entertained. 


A library has been described as a place where aspirations, ideas and knowledge converge.  We strive to offer this to our community through a constantly updated collection of books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, CDs, DVDS, personal computers and internet connectivity.  In addition to these resources we also offer regularly scheduled programs and host special events.


We are excited about the support of the Friends of the Library and other local organizations.   There is so much we want to accomplish to bring your library to a higher standard for our community.


Please explore our collections and our services.  We are here to serve you and look forward to hearing your suggestions for changes and improvements.


* Core Values



Welcoming Environment.

Committed to Intellectual Freedom
Access for All
Remain Inclusive
Exceptional Library Service


  • Welcoming Environment – We are committed to being a safe and welcoming place. This is reflected through creating policies and practices that ensure safety for the public and the staff, providing exceptional customer service, maintaining physical space, and providing an inclusive and non-judgmental place to gather or reflect.

  • Committed to Intellectual Freedom – We are committed to intellectual freedom and the need for the library collection to represent many different points of view. Individuals are responsible for making their own choices regarding appropriateness of materials, and parents/guardians are responsible for the choices made for their children.

  • Access for All – We are committed to providing basic library services at no charge. Some optional services may carry a fee. Access to library service and electronic information will not be denied because of inability to pay fees. We serve all users fairly and equitably.

  • Remain Inclusive -- We honor diversity and are inclusive. We seek to represent all people in our collections, programs, services, workforce and other areas.

  • Exceptional Library Service – We are committed to providing quality library service with a smile. We are committed to providing prompt, objective, confidential, and knowledgeable responses to requests for assistance.

* Core Values were developed by Rochester Public Library in coordination with the community of Rochester.   It is with their permission that we are allowed to borrow these Core Values.  It is our hope that we may make our library a better place for our community by developing facilities and resources based on these values.

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